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Traditional Vending Services

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Crane BevMax vending machine

State-of-the-Art Machines

West Coast Vending & Food Service, Inc. has always used the most modern equipment available. We stay up-to-date with the technological advances in vending to provide you with the best vending options. We will supply your business with energy efficient machines that are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Crane Shopper vending machine

Variety, Variety, Variety

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you our wide variety of diverse food options, no matter your location, no matter your preference. We will work with you to customize your machine to always provide the right variety of quality products.

We believe in providing your employees with healthy options that promote a balanced diet. We offer low-fat options, low-sugar options, energy bars and deli sandwiches. Some of our popular products include Popchips, Mr. Nature Oat & Honey, Cliffbars, Odwalla bars, Sparkling ICE, Crystal Geyser flavored mineral water and Vitamin Water.

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Crane Merchant vending machine

Reliable Delivery

Vending's biggest problem has been solved. The sensing technology SureVend guarantees the customer gets their product or they get their money back, ensuring a reliable vending experience.

All merchandisers accept dollar coins and large denomination bills, and utilize 'Bill Recycling' which will return your change in bills. Debit and Credit Card readers are also available, making your selection and purchase easier and faster.

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Crane Hot Drink Center vending machine

Warm Beverages

Warm beverage machines are perfect for providing coffee to both employees and customers without the hassle of preparation or cleanup. Our hot drink machines are equipped with Full-Brew technology, a revolutionary brewing process that provides that coffee rich flavor people expect.

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